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Composting 101

February 2, 2009

My sister recently told me about how composting meat can be tricky because bacteria that grows faster than than the meat composts. Maybe thats why my composting bin smells so rancid right now? I have put small pieces of chicken and fish in there that were left overs on my plate. A possibility… I also had half of a container of ground beef that was sitting in my fridge for a week that I wasn’t able to eat.. and it started to smell A LOT. I just stuck it in the freezer because I don’t know what to do with it! I think I froze the stank out of it. But thats just a temporary fix… research on what to do with meats is to come…

I also need to buy an airtight container to properly compost my organic waste. I think an IKEA trip is in order.

Here is a long list of composting material I found:

A lot of stuff that I didn’t think could be composted.. can apparently. Like Jello? I’m kind of skeptical about that one. I feel like there are weird chemicals in Jello that shouldnt go in soil.. we’ll see…

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  1. Glorian permalink
    February 3, 2009 15:54

    Here is that fact sheet I was talking about that I received as notes in class:

    There are a lot of good websites on composting at home, but the most important question is: do you have somewhere to dump all the stuff you’re putting in the container? See if Lund has a garden club or something because they might have space for you to be able to do this.

    As far as uses for leftover meat, if you know you’re not going to eat it within a day, just freeze it. Then throw it in a quesadilla when you are hungry. Leftover meat is also great for pet food, particularly for dogs and cats. Just mix it with some veggies and rice and its way better then that stuff you buy in a can. But you don’t have any animals so…freeze it! Or when you get plain pizza put it as a topping. Or make a meat and veggie pie. Put it in eggs for breakfast (I know you don’t like eggs but other people do!). There are endless possibilities…

  2. phil permalink
    February 5, 2009 19:29

    hey krystal,
    nice blog, you really put a lot of effort in this project! *two thumbs up*
    regarding the “airtight” compost container: i guess this is not the best idea, a compost usually needs air to work well & it will also smell more if u seal it airtight. but there are some containers around which let fresh air in & still do not stink. try to look for that…

  3. February 14, 2009 09:05

    Hey Krystal,
    You’re on the right track both with your blogging and your recycling.
    I’ve been composting and recycling in earnest for quite some time. I’m even careful with the water I use.
    I never put meat into my compost, mostly because Edmonton has a huge composting system that takes compostable wet garbage from the waste stream and turns it into compost used throughout the city.
    I put only some of the grass clippings into my pile as well..
    What I shoot for is a balance with the organic waste from the kitchen and yard. Coffee grounds (complete with the paper filter which decomposes fairly readily. The only animal matter that I allow in my compost pile are shrimp and prawn shells. From what I read somewhere.. they act as a good supplement and accelerant. There are also commercial accelerants, but I find it an needless expense.
    I don’t even turn the pile much as I find it disturbs the red worms that proliferate the pile during the warm months. (Pity.. too small for my fishing hooks)
    We have extreme winters so things pretty much grind to a halt, but in the spring it doesn’t take long for the pile to begin “cooking” again. I take the old compost from last year (digging from the bottom) and fill in with the winter’s accumulation and by early summer it’s well on the way to a fine compost for the fall or next spring.

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