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February 2, 2009

So, there are a couple reasons why I chose to design and conduct this experiment.

1: Break this idea of “containment”! If something is not visible, it does not exist. Is this true? Obviously not, we have all played hide and seek and sat there with our hands covering our eyes thinking no one could see us. Or at least I did. But if you take the trash out every Friday, it is like it just disappears out of your life. It does not disappear really.. it is just hidden in a different area polluting the earth. Just because we don’t see it.. it is out of our minds. Since things will eventually collect in my apartment, I won’t be able to ignore the garbage.

2: Get inspired. I am researching ways to make living a sustainable lifestyle easier. Specifically, in the home. So what better way than to do it myself? Since “home is where the heart is”, I think some people really need a change of heart when it comes to preserving the environment. Affect people where they are most comfortable and make them step out of their comfort zone! That’s where the magic happens.

3: Inspire others. you can do it too! Hopefully people read this blog and really think about what is going on.

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