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Name that odor…

February 7, 2009

So, in addition to the frozen spoiled meat in my freezer…I forgot about this head of cabbage I bought like the second week of the semester. Why did I think I could eat an entire head of cabbage by myself? Why?? When I open the fridge its like I need to sniff everything to figure out what is going bad…

I was telling my boyfriend the other day and I think the overall smell in my room is really improving! Or I am just so used to it by now… one or the other…but honestly, a little odor never hurt anyone.. maybe that’s just the compromise that you have to take to have a sustainable home? Johan, one of my studiomates, said that he does not live so far from me AND he has a compost area outside! I will definitely be contacting him so maybe I can make period trips over to his place to empty out my organic waste.

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