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“Meet the Garbage Man”- ABC News

February 8, 2009

My sister shared this video with me the other day. Apparently someone has conducted this experiment before! I guess you can never be the first one to do anything, huh? Anyways, check out his story too, its really inspiring. He collected garbage for an entire year!

The more the inspiration the better. I am going to continue on with the experiment as it is. I thought about changing the recycling rule to never recycle either. But, I think that even though recycling is just “downcycling” (basically meaning that the items are the same trash just in a different form) at least they are being reused to make new products, which will eventually.. one day.. slow down the manufacturing of new products (that can be made out of recycled materials instead)

Maybe the yahoo video will inspire you (the readers!) to conduct your experiment too! See, I am not the only crazy person who is doing it. Now I have proof.

The more I get into this idea of the “closed loop” experiment, the more research opportunities I discover. All you designers out there, really think about consequences of your products! And consumers… think about the consequences of the products you buy! It is kind of a vicious circle… but if you do not design non-sustainable products then people won’t have to worry about buying them.. hm..

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