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Check Point: 10 days

February 9, 2009

Beverage Containers

Recyclable containers I have been collecting. (No not all the items were consumed by me). If friends come over to hang out, the experiment rules apply to them as well.


My little pile of garbage adding up on my kitchen countertop. Some of these are questionables… wax lined coffee cups? Thin plastic food packaging? Old tissues…

What are you supposed to do with this stuff?


Last but not least, this is the remnants of a frozen meal I baked in the oven for dinner. The container is some kind of paper product and I think the inside is coated in something so the food does not stick. Can I wash it out (ew) and recycle it? Or is this just… garbage? It was delicious btw.

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  1. phil permalink
    February 9, 2009 19:51

    haha so what about a pre party someday at your place 😀
    guess your mosaic wall would be filled up quite quickly…

    good luck for the next checkpoint

  2. Cristal permalink
    February 9, 2009 22:25

    I was wondering today what you do with some things: chewing gum? does it count as biodegradable? Or what about bones from meat? i know you can try to eat all your meat but you can’t eat the bones? or what about the containers the meat comes in? i know you can wash it but isn’t there still raw meat particles in there?

    just curious 🙂

  3. krystalpersaud permalink
    February 10, 2009 00:08

    philip >> I was thinking about scheduling like a dinner party the day the experiment ends. might be kind of fun?

    cristal >> so i havent really chewed gum in sweden yet. i am not sure if it is biodegradable.. i think it is because you can technically swallow it? and bones from meat… i generally dont buy meat with bones. or i havent so far. usually boneless fish or chicken. meat containers are tricky. I think you can wash them out and recycle them. For example, I buy packs of salmon that come in these individual plastic ziploc sized bags. I think those are TECHNICALLY okay to use since i wash them out with soap and stuff… but i do feel weird using them since i knew fish was in them… you know? its all in your miiiinnnddd…

  4. Cristal permalink
    February 10, 2009 02:13

    yeah i know what you mean! just make sure you wash them well!

    and if you do have something with bones, would it count as being biodegradable?

  5. February 10, 2009 16:22

    Dude keeping trash in is bad for your health, no?

    Dont get siiiick!!

  6. krystalpersaud permalink
    February 12, 2009 10:46

    Lu >> Technically, if i compost all of the organic waste (that can grow bacteria) the rest of the garbage should be perfectly safe. Stuff like plastic and aluminum are in products that we use everyday… so (hopefully) its safe! But, more than one person has asked me about this “health” issue with garbage… I should make a video post about it. Because, if I took out the trash, its the same trash that is sitting at the curb that is exposed to people, same trash in the garbage trucks thats exposed to the drivers, same trash in landfills. So, if the world is eventually like a landfill that is exposed to everyone pretty much… then would it be unhealthy?


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