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Johan’s Compost Garden

February 12, 2009

Thanks Johan!


You have to use your imagination a little bit because it is winter, but this is Johan’s wonderful garden.


Here is Johan explaining how the leave/stick compost pile works. He was saying how in the winter it is harder to compost because it is so cold, but come spring time the materials will start to decompose faster and he will be able to use them then for his garden.

compost bins

Here are the two bins side by side in the corner of the garden covered by all the snow that fell in the past couple days here in Lund.


So here is the organic compost bin. Johan said there should be worms in there… maybe they died because of the cold weather though… right now it is mostly soil and hay and things like that, but this is the bin where I will be putting my leftover food, onion skins, fingernail clippings… etc.

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