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Pondering & Planning

February 24, 2009

So I met with another professor today to discuss my project. He suggested, and I agree, that I should have a big ta-da and presentation at the end of this project in addition to the maintenance of this website. Every few days I run into a new issue that I blog about (organic waste, trash burning, recycling soft plastics), but what is the end message that I am sending? What am I really getting at with this blog? I really needed to sort out my priorities so I can keep on track.

Goal of the website:

+ Educate readers

+ Raise awareness of environmental issues

+ Document my experiences with the experiment

+ Create a web-community/following about this “closed-loop” concept

+ What do you guys want out of the website? Let me know!

Possible end goals (maybe I will choose one, or do two of them):

+ A proposal for a more efficient recycling/distribution system (I should pick a particular area or a specific company)

+ A manual guide for a young designer… how to be a designer AND sustainable… AND get a job. As a designer, do you really want to design a product you know will be thrown away eventually? But you want to get paid, right? Maybe I can further explore how to interact with people (which maybe coworkers, bosses, or friends) and really educate and present your ideas in the best way.

+ A proposal of how to set up your own organic composting system in your home (even if you do not have a yard).

+ A proposal for restaurant owners to compost their organic waste. There is a lot of food wasted.

+ More?

Research I want to do along the way:

+ Conduct a focus group with design students and hear their perspectives/definitions of “eco-design”

+ Conduct a focus group with non-design students and hear their perspectives/definitions of “eco-design”

+ There are a few companies I would like to interview (for example- SYSAV the trash burning company)

+ Shadow a company (like SYSAV) for a couple days and see what goes on inside their factories.

+ Interview restaurant owners and see how they handle their organic waste (there must be a lot!)

+ More to come!

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  1. Cristal permalink
    February 24, 2009 22:53

    + A proposal of how to set up your own organic composting system in your home (even if you do not have a yard).

    + A proposal for restaurant owners to compost their organic waste. There is a lot of food wasted.

    I like these two. For instance, I might like to compost more around here but getting started is hard and what would I do with it anyway?

    Plus restaurants might not want to compost, it might not be cost-effective. Maybe some kind of incentives? Kinda like you get to drive in the HOV lane (environ friendly) if you carpool.

  2. February 26, 2009 00:03

    I have a wish (or a dream if you wish). Could you solve the logistical issues concerning recycling? Here in Spoletorp it’s very easy because we have all the containers in house. But as you know they’re behind locks. If some swedish lad living across the road wants to recycle his batteries or plastics he may have to travel miles to a container, which is kind of a turn off. I have the same problem back home. When I want to recycle glass or cardboard, I first have to check the address of the nearest spot on internet. Then I go there and find out that they have moved it. I was lucky and found a glass container at the yard of an apartment building but when I was dumping the stuff there an old lady started threatening me by claiming that she will call the police because I don’t live in that house and am still using their container. And in Scandinavia recycling is suppose to be somekind of national sport. Ok, maybe you could enjoy the challenge of recycling, but I don’t think many do.

  3. krystalpersaud permalink
    March 1, 2009 09:31

    Cristal >> I agree, restaurants may not find it cost effective… but it really is a shame if they do not do it. Because its like composting the parts of vegetables they do not use and left overs that maybe people don’t eat… it is not like they would have bought less to not compost? It is just the hassle of sorting it instead of just trashing it.

    Taneli >> I have already told you, but I have been talking to the director of a city recycling program, trying to figure out this issue. So check back for a post soon about this!

  4. Akshay permalink
    March 25, 2009 10:44

    first of all, i think the whole experiment is really awesome…

    second, about starting a web community etc. why don’t you start a twitter thing just for the closed loop experiment… that way people will be more active ‘followers’.

  5. March 26, 2009 08:49

    Ashkay >> That is a good idea, thanks!

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