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Branding the Closed Loop

April 11, 2009

I want to create a logo for the Closed Loop to brand the project. Since it is going to be on Twitter, YouTube, WordPress, and Facebook it should definitely have one coherent look. How can I make a logo that doesn’t just end up looking like a recycling logo with a bold faced CL slapped on top of it? I’m gonna run through a bunch of different looks I am thinking about, then you guys can sound off. I am going to work on them tonight (working on a Saturday night sucks I know). I am gonna try to pound out a bunch of ideas before I go to Paris on Monday.

What I definitely DO NOT want is the image below. I’m not a graphic designer, but I know I can do better than that. The idea of using the recycling logo is really lame to me. Needs  individuality, steer way WAY clear of recycling logos


I was looking up some environmental companies to see what their logo looked like. Should the closed loop logo be environmentally themed? I think it should so it accurately reflects what the experiment is about. Here are some logos (some I like and some I hate) that I have been pondering. Which ones do you think are successful? Click on ’em to enlarge. Seriously though, does it always have to the color green, is that an unsaid rule?


The way “GREENPEACE” is written naturally like handwriting and not so structured like standard fonts already gives the organization a more organic feel. Funny how huge font can affect emotion. I’d like to play with the lettering of Closed Loop… could be interesting.

Both Kashi and Whole Foods have nice juxtapositions of structured letters and organic visual elements in their logo. I think it works well, it says “why yes, we are green” without being over the top hippie looking. Kinda stereotypical of me to say, but true. It looks professional and business-like.

The EPA logo is mega literal with a big flower, leaves, moon and water going on. I am not sure this is the look I really want. I don’t know, it is very clean.. I guess? But there is a lot of elements going on. The outlines leaf, the solid leaf, the big circular flower with the waves and the moon. It is interesting, but seems a little too froofy (not a word, but suitable) to be associated with the government. It has the circular motif going which is consistent with other government logos, maybe that was the only point.

I always find car logos fascinating. Sometimes I think they really express a brand. Like how Cadillac’s blinged out, multi-colored shield logo really describes the decadence and personality of their cars. Other times I look at the Prius’s streamlined logo and wonder how in the world to associate it with the egg of a car sillohuette. In anycase, Toyota did not try to make the Prius logo look “green”. Maybe this was a good move? It might have been over the top. What do you guys think?

Did any other logos pop into your mind while reading this post? Let me know by commenting some links.

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  1. hamsaganesh permalink
    April 11, 2009 22:46

    You could play with the double “o” in loop, lotsa scope there

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