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Happy Easter! Glad Påsk!

April 12, 2009

Eco-Easter? Sustainable chocolate Easter bunnies? I love chocolate Easter bunnies with all my heart. Every year I cannot wait until the day after Easter when they all go one sale for 25 cents each. After reading this article, I will definitely be more selective about which bunnies I feast on. Before you bite the ears off of a delicious little rodent check the label…read the facts at >>

bunnies1Below is quoted from article about why buying from sustainable labels is important.

Farm earnings are low. The majority of cocoa is grown by small family farmers in remote tropical regions. Because they lack market access, they often end up selling their harvest to middlemen for a fraction of its value, keeping them in a cycle of extreme poverty. The typical cocoa worker earns hardly enough to meet basic living needs.

There have been documented labor abuses. To cut costs, some farms are reportedly using forced child labor, particularly in Western Africa, where the majority of the world’s chocolate originates.

Growing practices are damaging eco-systems. To meet increasing world demand, new cocoa varieties have been introduced that grow in full sun, an arrangement that disrupts eco-systems and supports far less biodiversity than cocoa’s native shaded habitat.

Some of the most toxic pesticides are used. Cocoa plants are extremely vulnerable to pests and diseases. As a result, farmers may resort to using very toxic pesticides, including lindane, a toxic cousin of DDT, which poses health and environmental risks.

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