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Viral advertising? Sick.

April 19, 2009

I’ve been thinking. I’ve got a Closed Loop facebook group, a twitter account, and a blog. I’m in the works to set up a YouTube account (but my sound is always out of sync). Anyways, doing a “viral advertising” campaign is efficient in getting the word out. It does attract readers and gets the project some spotlight, but… I am feeling a disconnect with the “real world”.

When I sit down to do some work I end up sitting on my computer for hours messing around with websites and videos. My main concern is doing reserach and getting the message out, having people understand the problem, and doing something about it. The internet is certainly a good way to go about spreading messages now a days since everyone is glued to their laptops, blackberries, iphones, PDAs, and other feature-creeped-out devices.

However, when I step away from my computer after doing some work it is sometimes hard to feel like I did any work at all. Nothing is physical. Sending e-mails is not the same as knocking on someone’s door. I kind of miss the old school grass roots methods of walking down streets and handing out flyers. But, you know, handing out flyers is a less green method than blogging on the internet. So what, now everything has to be material-less in order for it to be green? In a cold, robotic world maybe this approach to sustainability would fly, but it does not in the world we live in (or the world I want to live in).

So it makes me think… am I really reaching people? Or does the message fade when they close their computers or turn off their cell phones? Not everything can be sent through a screen! Do I really want to support these methods? But how I can start other methods of advertising without being criticized for being hypocritical and unsustainable? Oy. Lots of questions and concerns are going through my mind now. This is much tougher than I thought! As a design student, I feel like I have a responsibilty to really think about the future of human interactions. If we design more and more advanced laptops, more blackberries, more iphones, and more PDAs.. what are we supporting? (Robots.)

I’ll sleep on it.


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