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Salone de Mobile in Milan, Italy

May 4, 2009

First of all I am going to apologize for the tardy post. I have been feeling ill after my trip from Italy and spending most of my days recovering in bed. But I am feeling particularly lively today so here goes..

The Salone de Mobile was really incredible. Really. Its an international lighting and furniture fair held in Milan every year. My friends and I spent around 7 hours there in one day. There was one section of the exhibit devoted to innovative concepts and student projects too. I thought that part was really interesting because its always cool to see what other designers your age are working on. I met these two designers from France and their project really caught my eye.


Rafaële David and Géraldine Hetzel have designed “Le Pot Cavalier”. It is pictured above. The pot is designed for individuals who do live in an area without available green space. For example, young people living in apartments without a real yard. There is a narrow cavity coming upwards from the bottom of the pot. This is so that the pot can rest on a balcony gate. It does not take up a lot of room and makes it possible to garden! I think its a really great idea for people who want to be able to grow herbs or flowers but simply do not have the space. 70% of the pot is linen. It is really sturdy and less fragile than the typical ceramic pot. Imagine accidentally tipping a ceramic pot 10 floors down an apartment building… yikes. I picked up the pot and it is quite heavy when filled with soil. You would definitely have to take care when handling it. In addition, the pots are not so big for growing things like vegetables, so eventually the plants would need to be moved into a bigger area to flourish.

I think it is great that products like these are enabling people to really explore and expand their lifestyles. Good work!


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