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So Fly

May 9, 2009

flies These are my new roommates. They moved in about two weeks ago. There are three in that picture, but there about 15 total in my room. Now that (relatively) warm weather has arrived in Sweden, my compost is attracting a great deal of flies. In the winter, my windows were always closed and my compost decomposed at a very slow rate and had a very dry texture. Nowadays it is so sunny that my compost is starting to heat up and breakdown with lots of …organic juices, to put it nicely. I know I definitely have to start putting compost in Johan’s garden more often. In the winter I almost never did because the smell was so mild. I am almost getting used to the constant sound buzzing of flies around my apartment…

I have got to say, this is really the only embarrassing situation I have experience while conducting the Closed Loop Experiment. Living with compost is manageable, living with plastic packaging is okay, but living with flies? It is a little disgusting. The other morning at 10 am, window inspections were scheduled for the whole building. When the maintenance guys entered my apartment and stood by my windows, I could see flies zipping by their faces.

What did they think of me? “Wow this girl’s apartment is so disgusting and full of trash it has its own fly colony”. Nooooo! This is the exact opposite of what I want people to think when they enter the Closed Loop apartment. The flies probably laid eggs somewhere by now to start their empire. How can I get rid of these flies without killing them?

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