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The “Closed Loop” Cleans up Well

May 9, 2009

Oh my, the Closed Loop is getting classy and professional! I made some business card prototypes before I went to Milan. Here is what they looked like:


The back piece is leftover cardboard packaging I had in my room. The graphics were printed on a sheet of office paper. It is all held together with two hemp stitches at the top and bottom. A designer I met at the fair who specialized in cardboard furniture had a business card that I found very clever. The base of her card was cardboard (duh), but the text information was stamped on. I think this could be an interesting next prototype… laser cutting out the closed loop logo to create a stencil and then coloring it in. Many possibilities…

I liked how the graphics on the business card layed out, so I’m trying to see how it fits as the website header. What do you think? Its a little overly white-washed out now. We’ll see how it looks when I get a background color up.

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  1. May 9, 2009 13:35

    oh wow, i really like how it looks! 🙂 i also like how you changed it to “try it” in your header.

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