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Final Results!

June 17, 2009

For my final presentation in May, I counted up all of the recyclables and trash I collected for 4 and a half months. I basically piled everything up one by one and wrote down the number I got. Here is what the final tally looked like:


hard plastic > 11

soft plastic packaging > 6

glass products > 6

aluminum products > 23

cardboard products > 17

office paper > 144

Non-Recyclables [aka trash] :

hard plastic > 4

soft plastic packaging > 51

plastic bags > 15

PLUS two bags of miscellaneous trash (used tape, pieces of cheese wax, chewed gum…etc…)



So overall, not that much stuff! Most of it I could recycle. However, most of the non-recyclables were made out of plastic. What I found really weird is that recyclable hard plastic and recyclable soft plastic so why did I collect 55 pieces of non-recyclable plastic that is essentially just garbage? Why did packaging designers pick these materials if there are better options? Of course it always comes down to cost, but is it worth it?

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