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Banana Peel Problem

June 26, 2009

Sometimes parents do not know better. I am trying to conduct my “closed loop” experiment at home, but it is not going very well. I tried to start off by setting up a composting system. My parents have a HUGE backyard and vegetable garden so I thought it would work perfectly. However, on the second day I was home I went outside to throw a banana peel on the grass and my mom yelled at me! She said I should throw it in the trash instead. I tried to explain that biodegradable and generally non bacteria growing food waste does not belong in the garbage….but her response was that the banana peel will attract deer and racoons to our house. She is kind of correct though.. I never thought about all the wild animals that live in my area. But where will I throw my banana peels? Maybe I can take her to Home Depot with me and convince her to invest in a composting barrel with me. Maybe the animals wont go for the barrel? BUT at the same time, what is so wrong with these animals eating our leftover food waste? It is the ultimate, most efficient way to use the food waste. Sigh. Other than that, my parents are very good at recycling paper, plastic, and glass goods. I will have to work on convincing tactics… any suggestions? 

I feel like its a CRIME everytime food waste gets mixed in with trash. It isn’t trash!! It can be used to supplement the earth, not landfills. I also had this argument with my boyfriend who I think just purposely instigates me to see how heated up i’ll get. Ugh. Compost people. It is important.

PS- I still throw the banana peels into the front yard, maybe thats why my moms flowers always get eaten. (Sorry Mom! I know you read this too…)

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  1. cris permalink
    June 26, 2009 00:26

    At my home, we always put the banana peels out front, on the rose bushes. It’s supposed to be pretty good for them. As you know, we live on a ton of land with tons of wild animals, and the rose garden is relatively close to the house, but we never seem to have a problem with the animals getting so close. And they never mess with the rose bushes, at least. Sometimes they come after the other plants (especially when we had a veggie garden up the hill) but I mean, thats what animals do! As long as the plants are close enough to our house, like the rose garden and one of our veggie gardens, the animals don’t seem to give the plants much trouble. There are always guards that can go around plants if they’re really worried about the animals. Mostly we don’t stress over it, because animals do eat the plants naturally. So if they get them, then we just try to save the plant for a better time next year, or replace it if necessary.

    Sorry, that was kinda long… But you get the point 🙂

  2. Colleen Jordan permalink
    June 26, 2009 03:33

    I had to resubmit this because my computer froze, so sorry if you’re getting this twice.
    Anyway, I’ve heard of people in the south putting cut hair (like from the floor of a hair salon) on their yard to keep deer from eating newly laid grass seed, so maybe there’s an equally simple (or the same) solution for you to deter animals.
    And do you have a designated compost pile yet? I’m sure once you have that, the decomposing food, lawn waste, etc. will keep the animals away more than the fresher food would attract them. We had one at my old house that had bales of straw as walls, and that kept the animals away as well, so maybe if you have the space you could look into that.

    • June 28, 2009 18:45

      Cristal > I know, animals are animals! That is what I tried telling my mom. But, we have a fenced in veggie-garden and they manage to eat those plants. So she doesn’t want any other reason for them to be further eaten. I think if I show her like composting sealed-bins available she might go for it…

      Colleen > interesting! I never heard of that. I probably need a hair cut soon.. so maybe that is perfect. I have no started a compost pile yet, I am still trying to convince my mom that we need one! Argh parents just don’t get it sometimes. thanks for the suggestion! I’m definitely going to look into it.

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