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July 13, 2009

Finally, I got a meeting with my boss to talk about the Sustainable-Amerlux initiative. The main things I talked to him about were:

1) Recycling the office paper! People print emails, plot drawings, and write notes on office paper that is just thrown away at the end of the day. Each employee has a garbage bin at his/her desk. Imagine how much paper-waste that amounts to!

2) Getting light-sensors. For a lighting company, I think we could be more efficient with the way we use the lights in the office buildings. I suggested light sensors so that lights only turn on when someone is nearby.

3) Switching from paper cups to ceramic coffee mugs and water glasses. People fill up paper cups with water and coffee multiple times a day. One person may throw away three paper cups in one day– this is totally unecessary. The Amerlux kitchen is even equipped with a dishwasher that is not used at all. This will change…

My boss was really into the ideas! He said he agreed that Amerlux could be doing more. There are two main components of Amerlux facilities; the office buildings where people work and the factory where the lighting fixtures are made. I found out that the factory already has a paper compressor that is collected for recycling. We are currently seeing if it is possible for our office paper to be compressed and recycled using that same machine. The wheels are in motion! My boss is also very excited about getting “Amerlux” mugs made. Not only is it going green but it will also emphasize our brand and hopefully unify us more as a working force.

I have a second “guerilla” project in the works too… but I am in the process of trying to access a laser cutter… if anyone knows one that I could use for free (or very, very cheap) let me know!

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  1. Allyn permalink
    July 26, 2009 07:06

    Cool fact– @ siemens, they have sponges, dish soap, etc. and they encourage people to bring tupperware and dishes from home. although a lot of people end up using paper plates and throwing them away, i’ve noticed that there seem to be much more people huddled around the sink and using the dishwashing time as part of their extended “coffee break” 😉

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