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Finally! Frustration-Free Packaging.

July 26, 2009

I was browsing Amazon the other day and stumbled across a link for their new “Frustration-Free Packaging” campaign. After doing so much analysis on packaging for Closed Loop, it is frustrating to see how much a) how much waste is produced and b) how unnecessary it is. Finally a shipping/packaging giant like Amazon has done something about it!


Here is an excerpt from the site:

” Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging, a multi-year initiative designed to alleviate “wrap rage,” features recyclable boxes that are easy to open and free of excess materials such as hard plastic clamshell cases, plastic bindings, and wire ties. The product itself is exactly the same—we’ve just streamlined the packaging. Learn more. Want to help us improve’s and product packaging? Tell us via the Packaging Feedback Program and also upload images about orders you’ve placed with Want to see how it all started? Check out the letter our CEO Jeff Bezos wrote to customers the day the initiative launched.”

Amazon is not only making their customer’s happy by providing them with packages that are easier to open, but also creating a more environmentally friendly way of sending items. Less materials, Less adhesives, Less packaging waste. It is so great to see big companies breaking design traditions.

Check out the list of products that are now “frustration-free”.

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