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Changes at Amerlux

August 13, 2009

Here are some photos I took of new practices happening around the Amerlux office. I feel like a lot of the employees have made an effort to change their behaviors. No one seems to complain a lot (something I was afraid of).

So far, so good.


The reminder to use a mug

closedloop_amerlux_flyerThe flyer on the bulletin board


Scrap paper box Jonathan put in the printing/plotting room. This way people can take scrap paper if they need it and all the rest can be recycled.

closedloop_amerlux_binsTemporary recycling bins in the kitchen (until I get permission to buy BIG ones)


Mug hooks that Ron made. It wasn’t even part of the Closed Loop plan, he made them on his own. He felt that employees were hesitant to use the mugs because they were visually hidden in the cabinet. I hope that other employees will start bringing their own ideas to the office like he did.

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  1. Debs permalink
    August 15, 2009 15:05

    I can’t believe how quickly you managed to implement this change after your meeting. I think that it is great that your team members are onboard. Congrats!

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