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“Recycling Volunteer” ?

September 1, 2009


This Thursday I am volunteering to help out at the GreenBusiness Works Expo. I am not really sure what my volunteer work will entail yet… but I am excited about the networking opportunities. My title is “recycling volunteer”. I am not sure if that means I am supposed to educate people about recycling… or am I volunteering to recycle things for people? That is kind of funny considering this Expo should be full of people who love recycling. We shall see..

Anyways, there are going to be SO many companies with sustainable objectives that I could talk to. It is going down at the Cobb Galleria Centre on September 2nd and 3rd if anyone is interested in attending. Check out the GreenBusiness Works Expo website and program.

I am going to make up a ton of cards to give out. I wish I had more time to really fix up and organize the site to how I want it to be, but … it will have to do. I think in the future, It would be awesome to hire someone to re-organize it for me. First I need money though! So perhaps before Thursday I will set up my Paypal donation button and get some donations that way. Just to help the site grow. I just need to be 110% clear that it is NOT tax deductable and goes into a personal closed loop bank account I have to help the site/organization.

Think it will get too messy? I think it may…

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