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We’re Famous!

January 19, 2010

…kind of.

My friend Cristina, an intern at the People of Resource, told me today that a Closed Loop business card was featured briefly in a commercial for Mojito. Mojito is a new, compact wallet designed by Malcolm Fontier. People of Resource did a great job creating the commercial.

Click here to watch the Mojito commercial. Look for the Closed Loop card in the top left corner.Check out Mojito Promo Part 1 on vimeo too if you are interested.

Now I know in the commercial most of the cards, included Closed Loop, were deemed “unnecessary”. However, I am just excited that Closed Loop is starting to build a presence in the Atlanta design community (even if just for a few seconds).

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  1. Philip permalink
    January 20, 2010 15:01

    you know, that eye starts scanning a page top left corner, so your card got the pole position… 😉
    great that CL is still running!

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