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Dress Club.

April 27, 2010

I have always wanted to sew and design my own clothes but, I did not know how to sew.

Well, this semester I learned how to sew for a studio project and now have basic sewing skills! Sewing machines are complicated, fickle little machines. A group of my friends from the industrial design school at Georgia Tech have formed “Dress Club”. Over the summer Dress Club will meet once every few weeks so we can learn how to make our own clothing!

One my colleagues at the DNR sent out this article today: China’s famed Pearl River under denim threat

It is about how the jeans industry is causing China’s Pearl River great pollution because of the denim dying. It is a really moving article. Jeans are a recognized symbol of “America” and hold a place in the culture of the United States. It is sad to see these people in China working 12 hour days at a denim factory just to ship jeans back to the US. When did jeans leave the US?

It is the same situation with other industries — especially product design. It is not always (probably never) the cheapest option to manufacture and produce things in the United States, but I am all for supporting local economies — especially in the US!

Although I know Dress Club is not drastically improving the mass-manufacturing chain of clothing in China, I think it is the first step for me. Knowing that I have the ability to produce my own clothing makes me feel more in control of the environmental impacts I have. Now I just need to learn how to make my own fabric…

Also check out this movie called “China Blue“. It is about a 5 year old girl called Jasmine in her job as  a thread cutter in a jeans factory in China. I have not seen it yet — but I read that it is really moving and will change the way you think about clothing.

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  1. Farzee permalink
    April 28, 2010 15:12

    You go girl!Making shirts and simple dresses are not difficult: you may want to spend a few hours with the local seamstress/taylor; just observing will be such a wonderful insight. Great idea.

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