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Georgia Center for Innovation in Energy – “One Stop Shop”

May 21, 2010

Yesterday morning, I had the pleasure of attending something called the “One Stop Shop” hosted by the Georgia Center for Innovation in Energy. I was shadowing a colleague of mine, Chuck Boelkins (an industrial ecologist), from my work at the Sustainability Division at the Department of Natural Resources.

Anyways have you guys ever seen that show “Shark Tank”?  Start up companies present their business plans to a panel of expert business people and investors and then are ripped apart or given a financial jumpstart if their idea is good.

That is what “One Stop Shop” was like! Several companies interested in starting biofuel businesses in Georgia did their business pitch to a panel of the state’s environmental experts. There were about 20 people on the panel ranging in expertise from air quality, economic development, forestry, manufacturing, biofuel technologies, business, and many more. It was so cool to be there and hear all the feedback! I was very proud to be associated with Chuck! Whew, he was one harsh critic.

It was like being at a studio review 🙂

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