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Sustainable Eating

July 10, 2010

 Above is a painting I created last week (for newlyweds Leigh and Phillip Adams). Its a little cooky and Dali-esque, but it makes me think…

What happened to good ‘ol American farms? If the earth has been used and abused to its capacity and we end up going to the WALL-E route to space — will we harvests chickens in the sky? Cows on the moon? Become vegetarians?

Food has always been a great interest of mine. Eating food. Cooking food. Growing food. Reading about food. Watching other people cook food. Even drawing food sometimes. Eating sustainably is a big concern of mine. I would like to think I currently eat sustainably, probably more than the average person, but I know there are many more changes in my diet that need to occur before I really am (goodbye eggo waffles)…

I am still struggling with my definition of sustainable foods — or if there is even one concise, definition.

Two things that I try to diet on are:

1. Locally grown produce, natural to your geography

2. Locally raised meat, natural to your geography

 No mystery meats. No frozen veggies. No processed candies. No seafood in Atlanta. The list goes on …

It is extremely difficult to follow by these principles 100% of the time. I can’t live without processed candies! Anyone that knows me, knows that I have a gargantuan sweet tooth.

On the bright side, just think about it — if you ate all fresh, local vegetables, you would cut down on packaging waste from frozen veggie bags. Purchasing freshmeat from your butcher also reduces packaging (styrofoam and shrink wrap vs. a sheet of rolled up paper). Also, if you choose to eat meats that are indigineous to a certain area, you are experiencing the best that region has to offer! That is something I really enjoy about this diet; I appreciate food more when I travel. I went to Savannah last weekend and had a phenomenal blue crab cake that was without a doubt more delicious than any crab cake I would have had in Atlanta.

Thoughts on eating sustainably? Post them as a comment below!

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  1. Leigh permalink
    July 19, 2010 19:42

    You know eating frozen veggies isn’t such a bad thing. There are veggies that are native to the area that you live in that you can by frozen with no preservatives. The truth is unless you pick the vegetable and eat it that day it begins to lose nutrients unless stored. I would by frozen vegetables, I just make sure they don’t have preservative, even salt.

    • July 28, 2010 11:00

      Hey Leigh! I didn’t know stores sold frozen vegetables that are native to your area — that’s awesome! For me, the issue is less about nutrition (preservatives) and more about transportation. You are very right in saying vegetables are at their nutritional peak when picked — that’s why I need my own vegetable garden! 🙂

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