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Design Futures Council Summit on Sustainable Design

October 11, 2010

Last week, from Tuesday-Thursday, I attended the Design Futures Council Summit on Sustainable Design. The Summit was held at the Four Seasons in Atlanta. Man, I love design conferences! They are so informative, stimulating, and mind-opening — this DFC Summit was no exception. The days were long (activities started as early as 6:30am and lasted until 9:30pm), but the time really flew by. I went home at night feeling very empowered and optimistic about the future of sustainable design. There were some incredible speakers, including Ray Anderson of Interface Flor, that really make you think, “Hm…maybe I could actually make a difference”. I know, cheesey. I went home at night and although my body was exhausted, my mind just wouldn’t shut down. I stayed up tossing and turning and thinking about all of these different concepts for new products, company models, and strategies to push sustainable ideals.

I met some amazing people from all different fields; interior design, architecture, graphic design, engineering, and more. I was one of the younger attendees and can only hope that, in ten years, I measure up to some of the other folks — their accomplishements and careers were off-the-charts impressive. Design professionals shared stories about how they started new companies, went against the status quo of company operations, and did their own thing!

This is just a general synopsis of my experience at the DFC Summit, I am going to list some links to inspiring projects I learned about in my next post. There are some amazing start ups all over the country that are devoted to public health and sustainability. Radical.

Some photos from the conference:


A break out session, where a topic is given [ex-how to break out of the status quo within your company] 

Lovely lunch on the terrace! Gorgeous Atlanta fall weather and view of the city.

Alan Balfour, Dean of the College of Architecture at Georgia Tech, was one of many fantastic speakers.

The conference ended with a tour of Perkins + Will new office space.

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