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I am disappointed in you, Keebler Elves.

December 9, 2010

Oh Keebler,

I am very disappointed in your new green “marketing campaign” with Terracycle. It is a complete green washed mess. My roommate Crystal (yes, her name is also Crystal) came home tonight with a bag of Sandies Shortbread Dark Chocolate Almond cookies. The bag was already open, but there was no way to reseal it — and she didn’t want the cookies to go stale. So, she put the cookies in a tupperware, recycled the plastic tray that held them– but what could be done with the outside foil-lined plastic package? I pessemistically told her that it was unfortunately just trash.

“Wait! It says something here that it is green…” — Crystal gestured me over to read the package. I thought to myself, “Wow maybe Keebler stepped its green game up…”

The package reads ” News from the Hollow Tree! Keebler and TerraCycle have joined forces to collect and turn cookie wrappers into great eco-friendly products your family will love. Get involved and discover how this wrapper can be repurposed through upcycling — go to to: (1) Help keep wrappers out of landfills  (2) Learn about a join a Cookie Wrapper Brigade  (3) Collect wrappers for a good cause.

Schemes like this really piss me off! Keebler is just putting up this green marketing scheme as a front so they can continue making the horribly unsustainable package that they always have. Instead of taking preventable actions — like redesigning their package to be biodegradable, recyclable, or useful past its life as a cookie package — they are just reassuring costumers that they will do something to reuse the packaging. They will just worry about it later.

You should check out the Keebler website. They encourage customers to mail in their bags and then Keebler will figure out something to do with it. Really? You expect customers to leave their home, go to the post office, and mail their bag to you? When their trash can is like 2 feet away? Yeah, sounds like you be receiving loads of bags.

Watch the Terracycle video also. I know it sounds all good and green, but I personally do not agree! These people are just elongating the lifecycle of trash — which is a temporary fix. You have to start rethinking what packaging is before you manufacture it.

Don’t expect people to change their behavior (and send in their trash) when companies like YOU refuse to change YOUR behavior.

Whew. Sorry that was a long, angry rant.

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